Rules Modifications

Mystic Theurge
Remove 2nd level divine and 2nd level arcane spells
Add 2nd level Cleric or Druid and 2nd level Wizard or Sorceror

Remove 2nd level arcane spells and 2nd level powers
Add 2nd level Wizard or Sorceror and 2nd level Psion or Wilder

Divine Cerebremancer
The Divine Cerebremancer advances simultaneously as a Cleric or Druid and as a Psion or Wilder. No additional benefits beyond spells/powers are gained.

as Cerebremancer, but replace 2nd level Wizard or Sorceror with 2nd level Cleric or Druid
Replace Knowledge (arcana) with Knowledge (Religion)
Class Skills
Replace Knowledge (arcana) with Knowledge (Religion)

Profession (Merchant) [Charisma based, trained only]
If you want to resell items at more than 50%, then the Merchant skill is what you’ll need. Add your Profession (Merchant) skill to 50 to find the percentage value you receive. Maximum 100%. Taking more time to sell items also increases your resale value. If you’re willing to wait a season to sell (until the end of the following adventure) then you receive 80 plus your Profession (Merchant) skill to a maximum of 120%. You can only sell items this way that were gained during an adventure. Mundane and magical crafting can only be used to make items you or other party members will use.

Synergy: 5 ranks of Merchant grants +2 Bluff
Synergy: 5 ranks of Sense Motive grants +2 Merchant

New Magic Item:

Silver Tongue, grants +5 to Merchant. Cost 2500 gp. Craft 1250 gp, 100 xp. Caster Level 3, Suggestion

Polymorph, Hydras, and Brain Damage
In the event of a beheading while in Hydra form you will roll a D6 for each lost head and be immediately affected as follows:

  1. Core brain functions lost: You become a vegetable, unable to function in any way mental or physical. Your Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity and Charisma drop to zero, and you will die in 1d4 days. Miracle, Wish, or a regimen of Greater Restorations can help recover from this condition. For Miracle or Wish to help recover the caster must pay 5000 xp, for Greater Restorations to assist one Restoration must be cast per three stat points recovered, three points are recovered in each stat per casting. For full recovery then cast divide your highest stat by three and round up.
  2. Motor coordination failure: Your DX drops by 2d4 points permanently, recovery as per Core brain functions.
  3. Optical cortex damaged: You become blind permanently, because of the brain damage cure blindness and two greater restoration are required to restore vision.
  4. Tourette’s syndrome: Your charisma drops by 2d4 points permanently, recovery as per Core brain functions.
  5. Memory loss: Your character forgets huge chunks of his past. Roll 1d8 for each feat, supernatural, exceptional ability and spell slot, on a 1 the memory loss makes that knowledge inaccessible. Lost feats still count as prerequisites. Recovery of each lost feat requires casting Greater Restoration
  6. Prefrontal Labotamy: Your aggressive tendencies are eliminated. -2 to all fear checks, -2 bab, 15% spell failure for any offensive attacking or summoning spell unless used for entirely non-aggressive purposes (summon a monster to dig a hole). Recovery requires five greater restoration spells or a wish/miracle as under Core Brain Functions.

Rules Modifications

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