Destiny meets a horrible end

As part of your character design you’ll need to write in either individually or as a team how it came to be that you single handedly wrecked the scales of balance, the natural order of things, and the great destiny of Alrim the Wizard and Beaminn the Scoundrel.

As prophesied Alrim and Beaminn, enemies of the state, hunted by both King Ulrikt for treason, and wanted in the Free League of Andrah for trading in illegal substances, were to be the saviors of this world. Using the [stolen] Mace of Righteousness they rode directly into the lands of the Dark to confront the Lord Heatus turned Necromancer. Where armies failed, they used guile and trickery to make their way into his lands.

However, something went horribly wrong with the prophecy, and Alrim and Beaminn never returned, Heatus was never stopped, and the Mace of Righteousness remains lost to this day.

Now the Dark Lord’s armies rule over the land, his undead servants keeping rebellions in check and his huge slave camps keep the humans, dwarves, gnomes, and goblinoids busy building the great temple of Heatus, which, when completed, will bring about Heatus’ rise to god hood.

Destiny meets a horrible end

The Death of Destiny Ben_Fornshell