Character Creation


Characters must be created using the SRD for 3.5

A lot of material is not available in the SRD that you’ll need to know for play. Principally you’ll need to be familiar with the Players Handbook for D&D 3.5.

When creating characters they should be:

  1. 7th Level
  2. 25 point buy
  3. Maximum Hit Points at every level
  4. Starting wealth of 18,900 gp
  5. Magic and psionic items can be purchased
  6. One custom magic/psionic item can be requested (you may or may not get it)
  7. Posted on Obsidian portal
  8. Include the purchase price with each piece of equipment, and (in later games) if it was bought or “found”

Some notes on the campaign

  1. Everything gets maximum hit points
  2. Level advancement will be DM controlled, so no need to keep track of XP
  3. Helping Run The Campaign will speed advancement
  4. Followers, hirelings, cohorts, thralls, belivers, and essentially all NPCs you might employ use 15 point builds and have no equipment

Character Creation

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