Character Advancement


XP Awards and Bonuses

Character XP awards will be based on standard D&D awards, with a 25% bonus for the following

  1. Setting up a team mate for a special strike (stunning an opponent for a back stab, for example)
  2. Screening, dragging to safety, or otherwise rescuing a character while at great personal risk. For example the Barbarian braving hordes of melee monsters is nothing special, the wizard doing the same IS. Likewise the Barbarian going into the mind bending maze to rescue his buddy would definitely be “great personal risk”.
  3. Coming up with a plan that everyone likes, and improves party success

Players that assist in running the campaign will receive a 25% bonus for all encounters that night.

Time, Money, and Cost of Living

Between adventures your characters will have a season of time (12 weeks, 60 workable days). An adventure will last one to four gaming sessions depending on how fast we play.

In between adventures your characters can: Research new spells, psionic powers, build a castle, etc. Followers and cohorts will not burn xp to make magic items. They like you, but not that much.

Retooling, retraining, and recrafting

Players may swap out class levels, feats, and in some cases equipment as follows:

  1. Any equipment which you did not use at all may be resold at 100% value
  2. If a character is multi-classing, or has a prestige class you may swap out the most recent class just after the first session you use it. You may also swap a single class level in between adventures during the season of work/rest/crafting etc.
  3. Feats follow the same guidelines as class levels.
  4. Skills follow the same guidelines as class levels.
  5. If class levels, feats, or skills are swapped more than once you may be forced to lock in.

Magic and Psionic items may be improved, paying the difference in cost. This can only be done in the season between adventures. For example:

  • Play sessions 1-3 involve delving into a Goblin cave to recover a POI
  • Between sessions 3 and 4 the adventure has completed and a season passes, during this time you upgrade your +2 Longsword to a +2 Longsword with Spell Storing (effective +1 bonus).
  • The new cost is 3*3*2000 or 18000 gp, the old cost was 8000 gp. You may the difference (10,000 gp) and voila you have an amazing new sword.

Character Advancement

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