The Death of Destiny

Think of the orcs!

The plan of the Master of Arms was simple. Destroy the undead guards of five orc towns, allowing the orc women and children to flee. Presumably then the orcs would not be as eager to serve the necromancer.
Kye was performing recon, silencing what orcs she could as she went.
One orc declined to go silently. That was the signal for the rest of the team to storm in. It did not go as well for Rulyn, for as he moved through the tunnels, he encountered a pair of shadows. The loss of strength left him on the ground, but hardly out. With a thought, the relocated himself away from the incorporeal undead.
A Celestial Bison was summoned, and it distracted the undead, until Harker moved forward. With a wave of his holy symbol, the shadows were little more than vapors.

The bison was then free to move against the orcs, which Kye had been keeping busy. Pardison followed, and when the bison had put one orc on the ground, he was there to beat it down.

The final orc wisely surrendered. Harker extracted a pardon from the orc and then let it and the orcish women and children flee.

After healing and restoring the strength of the shadow touched, the group moved to the next town to be freed. Instead of undead, hell hounds met the group. The vile beasts waited until Kye had moved past before striking, cutting her off from her companions.

A vicious fight ensued. The results of which are still to be decided.



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