The Death of Destiny

The Hunt for the Sword

An intelligent sword

An ancient catacomb

An army closing in behind you

“It’s Monday morning troopers, up and at ’em” the Master At Arms, despite the recent successes on the battle field has decided to press the advantage and recover a relatively young artifact. Crafted by a nefarious warrior/wizard whose hatred of beast-men drove him to hunt them, even into the grave, err, blacksmiths fire.

Now you’re delving into the last known location of the weapon. It’s intelligence and anti-social nature lead to it being “lost” when it’s not busy hunting mutants. Meanwhile Zales has rebuilt his army and the only way to stop him is to find a weapon capable of lopping the head off the snake.

Either that or the Commander is using you as bait. This last thought crosses your mind as a cool breeze that smells of death makes your torch light flicker. You stand at the entrance to the ancient catacombs and realize one very, very important thing:

You’re not getting paid enough.



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