The Death of Destiny

Saving the Orcs

We’re off to save the Orcs!

You’ve had some pretty odd assignments working for the Colonel before (You all call the old Master at Arms Degarth the Colonel from his Army days before the great war) but this one takes the cake. You’re to go and free the Orc women and children while the Orcs are out on patrol with their Mummy masters.

The colonel’s plan is all intricately laid out. You’re to free five different Orc villages from the Undead hordes guarding them, and it all has to be done in one day. “Should be a cake walk for you guys” the Colonel insists. You all know he’s hiding something from you. The Colonel has personally killed more Orcs than most of you have ever seen, but his master plan remains a secret, as always he doesn’t want to risk the enemy discovering what they’re up to should you be captured and tortured.

Game Notes

Our opening game will be a good chance for everyone to grow accustomed to RpTools/Skype, each other, how I run things, et al. Things will be toned down (we’ll be playing at a level designed for 6th level characters) but it’ll still be challenging enough given it’ll be a first run.

I’ve got one candidate drafted volunteered for reviewing character sheets. I’m still looking for volunteers to do pre-game tech support, helping people with Skype and rpTools (I’ll fire up the server well before the game so people can play around) as well as someone to track party loot, and finally someone to keep a journal (either a blow by blow round synopsis or a more story oriented character perspective log).


So, since the forums can’t be used. I will post my questions here.
What are the forces that we encounter? Just orcs, or are there other types of evil humanoids that get seen/fought?
What types of undead that are commonly seen? Since mummies are being used as leaders, I presume that skeletons and zombies are supported by ghouls and ghasts?
Do we know what kind of caster Lord Heatus actually is? I mean he may call himself a necromancer, but he could be a priest.
What is known of Lord Heatus?
Are there any free lands that we know of?

Saving the Orcs

I’ve created a wiki section called Question and Answers, we’ll try that and see if it works for the future.

You’re definitely expecting more than just undead, you expect to run into Orcs defending their home base as well. You’ve seen the full gambit of undead, except for Vampires, they’re either operating secretly, very rare, or not involved.

Lord Heatus, you think, has casting abilities maxed for clerical and arcane spells, but that’s just a rumor. Everyone whose actually been in a position to see his powers can only be reached with “Speak with Dead” and they tend to have very short memories of the encounter.

The only land you suspect may still be free is the great north beyond the sea of death. Wizards in the party will probably know of someone who’s at least teleported there, but recent news is nonexistent.

Still, you suspect the sea of death may not be very intimidating to the walking dead.

What you do know about Lord Heatus is that he uses all resources at his disposal, so while the undead might be “guarding” the Orcs, the orcs themselves actively police the various smaller goblinoids, and sometimes the humans too.

Saving the Orcs

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