The Death of Destiny

Death of a Death Lord

Operation Piercing Strike is what Colonel Degarth is calling this feint that you will lead. Among the troops it’s been retitled Operation Bait.

Given the task before you, the rank and file probably have it right. You’ll be advancing directly into the armies flank, drawing it out by making them think this is the mainstay of the force. Of course to do that you’ll have to devote all of your resources to taking out flying spotters and approach the army in a broad thin line.

This is, as you guessed it, near suicide. The Master at Arms, though, needs this distraction, once the main force moves to engage you he will spearhead the attack, with Holy Warrior Adantine attempting to cleave his way directly to Commander Zales while carrying Ortek, the beast slayer, and bring an abrupt end to the half beasts life.

For your part you’ll be filling in the gaps, sounds like a safe duty until you realize those gaps are only there because whatever the men were facing caused them all to run in screaming terror.

As you rest the night before the skies erupt in fire as the preliminary pruning of enemy scouts begins. Your own scouts report back massive formations of Giants and Goblins, half of them no longer living.

A tactical note. The enemy will have excellent ranged resources available (yours were spent on wiping out scouts), expect anyone flying, huge tall or taller to attract unwelcome attention.

Encounters will be a series of hit and fades with a nights rest part way through the battle. We’ll focus on the highlights of the battle when things get most dangerous.

Harker will make 9th level and Martin and Ender 8th at the end of the Ortek Artifact Weapon quest

XP Charts



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