The Death of Destiny

Death of a Death Lord

Operation Piercing Strike is what Colonel Degarth is calling this feint that you will lead. Among the troops it’s been retitled Operation Bait.

Given the task before you, the rank and file probably have it right. You’ll be advancing directly into the armies flank, drawing it out by making them think this is the mainstay of the force. Of course to do that you’ll have to devote all of your resources to taking out flying spotters and approach the army in a broad thin line.

This is, as you guessed it, near suicide. The Master at Arms, though, needs this distraction, once the main force moves to engage you he will spearhead the attack, with Holy Warrior Adantine attempting to cleave his way directly to Commander Zales while carrying Ortek, the beast slayer, and bring an abrupt end to the half beasts life.

For your part you’ll be filling in the gaps, sounds like a safe duty until you realize those gaps are only there because whatever the men were facing caused them all to run in screaming terror.

As you rest the night before the skies erupt in fire as the preliminary pruning of enemy scouts begins. Your own scouts report back massive formations of Giants and Goblins, half of them no longer living.

A tactical note. The enemy will have excellent ranged resources available (yours were spent on wiping out scouts), expect anyone flying, huge tall or taller to attract unwelcome attention.

Encounters will be a series of hit and fades with a nights rest part way through the battle. We’ll focus on the highlights of the battle when things get most dangerous.

Harker will make 9th level and Martin and Ender 8th at the end of the Ortek Artifact Weapon quest

XP Charts

The Hunt for the Sword

An intelligent sword

An ancient catacomb

An army closing in behind you

“It’s Monday morning troopers, up and at ’em” the Master At Arms, despite the recent successes on the battle field has decided to press the advantage and recover a relatively young artifact. Crafted by a nefarious warrior/wizard whose hatred of beast-men drove him to hunt them, even into the grave, err, blacksmiths fire.

Now you’re delving into the last known location of the weapon. It’s intelligence and anti-social nature lead to it being “lost” when it’s not busy hunting mutants. Meanwhile Zales has rebuilt his army and the only way to stop him is to find a weapon capable of lopping the head off the snake.

Either that or the Commander is using you as bait. This last thought crosses your mind as a cool breeze that smells of death makes your torch light flicker. You stand at the entrance to the ancient catacombs and realize one very, very important thing:

You’re not getting paid enough.

By Any Means Necessary

We’ll be starting the new adventure mid-session. Assuming you all survive and aren’t wiped out by the cowering mummy being beaten to death in the corner (Okay, trying to get sympathy for a Mummy probably isn’t working) then we’ll jump right into it. In the meantime some insidious back story and next weeks plan of action/attack.


After destroying the Mummy you find:

Scrolls of: Dimension Door; Magic Weapon, Greater 8th caster level

Power Stone: Divination, Psionic; Personality Parasite

Cloak of Resistance +1

Amulet of Inescapable Location (Your resident cleric easily realizes and removes the cursed item). You can sell it for the list price with a Bluff check. An evil alignment helps, but don’t worry, if you don’t have one already you’ll get one soon by selling it :-)

Ring of Concentration: +3 to concentration

An unidentifiable Orb, it radiates evil, and careful study makes you think it has magic from a 7th-9th level spell of the Evocation school. I’ll assume you stick in a deep hole in a lead box, or something comparable, until you decide to experiment further.

The quartermaster pays you guys a distribution of 1200 gp each

Cut away (the following is not known to the characters, it’s back story)

Through a spyglass can be seen soldiers in the livery of the great necromancer Heatus running down the Orc women and children. Within moments the massacre is complete. They wipe their blades clean on the fallen bodies, as if to deliberately defile them just a little more, then they salute into the distance.

Snapping the spyglass closed the scout descends the hill into cover and reports. “All is according to plan. Any attempts to speak with the dead should reveal a slaughter by the necromancer’s army”.

The Master at Arms nodded. “Excellent, the Orc revolution should distract Commander Zales armies in the region while we liberate the city of Catharzin.”

“It’s time to move ahead with our second plan of action if we’re to hold it.” The Master at Arms turned to a man dressed in deep crimson, his face shrouded in the inky darkness of his hooded cape, “Are you ready?”. A dark menacing voice, like the sound of snake scales scraping across stone replied “I am always ready. The question is are you ready?”

Three months later

The Master at Arms calls your small cell together again “Gentlemen… and lady, I need your services again. Our assistance to the Orcs has weakened the hold Heatus’s armies have on the region, and even allowed us to free Catharzin, but his local commander, a half man half beast by the name of Zales is a cunning opponent. He has crushed the Orc forces and is now drawing in on ours. I want for you to infiltrate his supply train and destroy everything you can so that when our main army faces off against his we’ll be ready. Time is of the essence so you’ll need to hit five areas in rapid succession. I can not stress enough the importance that all the supplies be destroyed.

We’ll have mages teleporting you into areas near the supply camps as the armies are scattered throughout. We expect that Commander Zales will be monitoring these sites closely with scrying to ensure their safety. Our strikes are likely to draw a response so get in and get out fast as our Teleporters won’t risk discovery by going anywhere near the place.

Think of the orcs!

The plan of the Master of Arms was simple. Destroy the undead guards of five orc towns, allowing the orc women and children to flee. Presumably then the orcs would not be as eager to serve the necromancer.
Kye was performing recon, silencing what orcs she could as she went.
One orc declined to go silently. That was the signal for the rest of the team to storm in. It did not go as well for Rulyn, for as he moved through the tunnels, he encountered a pair of shadows. The loss of strength left him on the ground, but hardly out. With a thought, the relocated himself away from the incorporeal undead.
A Celestial Bison was summoned, and it distracted the undead, until Harker moved forward. With a wave of his holy symbol, the shadows were little more than vapors.

The bison was then free to move against the orcs, which Kye had been keeping busy. Pardison followed, and when the bison had put one orc on the ground, he was there to beat it down.

The final orc wisely surrendered. Harker extracted a pardon from the orc and then let it and the orcish women and children flee.

After healing and restoring the strength of the shadow touched, the group moved to the next town to be freed. Instead of undead, hell hounds met the group. The vile beasts waited until Kye had moved past before striking, cutting her off from her companions.

A vicious fight ensued. The results of which are still to be decided.

Saving the Orcs

We’re off to save the Orcs!

You’ve had some pretty odd assignments working for the Colonel before (You all call the old Master at Arms Degarth the Colonel from his Army days before the great war) but this one takes the cake. You’re to go and free the Orc women and children while the Orcs are out on patrol with their Mummy masters.

The colonel’s plan is all intricately laid out. You’re to free five different Orc villages from the Undead hordes guarding them, and it all has to be done in one day. “Should be a cake walk for you guys” the Colonel insists. You all know he’s hiding something from you. The Colonel has personally killed more Orcs than most of you have ever seen, but his master plan remains a secret, as always he doesn’t want to risk the enemy discovering what they’re up to should you be captured and tortured.

Game Notes

Our opening game will be a good chance for everyone to grow accustomed to RpTools/Skype, each other, how I run things, et al. Things will be toned down (we’ll be playing at a level designed for 6th level characters) but it’ll still be challenging enough given it’ll be a first run.

I’ve got one candidate drafted volunteered for reviewing character sheets. I’m still looking for volunteers to do pre-game tech support, helping people with Skype and rpTools (I’ll fire up the server well before the game so people can play around) as well as someone to track party loot, and finally someone to keep a journal (either a blow by blow round synopsis or a more story oriented character perspective log).


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